SPAC Sponsor Advisory

We guide sponsor groups through the SPAC sponsor process, from entity organization and structure through IPO and business combination.

Step 1

We educate the sponsor team on all the details of the SPAC process to ensure the ability to get through the IPO and business combination processes.

Step 2

We make sure the management team contains individuals with the right skill sets to compose a strong SPAC management team

Step 3

We structure the sponsor entity and offering. If necessary, we can also make introductions to additional sponsor capital investors.

Step 4

We prepare the presentations for the underwriters and sponsor investors. Assisting the sponsors to prepare for analysis of the target landscape.

Step 5

We connect the sponsor team to qualified professionals, including underwriters, accountants, lawyers, and insurance providers.

Step 6

We assist with the IPO offering process. This includes continuous modeling & preparing documentation.

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